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What We Believe


is the originator and sustainer of all, revealed to us through His Son, Jesus Christ (also God) and explained to us through inspiration of the Holy Spirit (God also) upon which we base our faith. 


complete trust in God, full acceptance of His offer of salvation, and it thrives in a living relationship with God. 


The Bible 

is essential truth about God, written by humans inspired by the Holy Spirit. It reveals God’s character, explains His nature, guides our behavior, and ultimately brings us to oneness with Him through His graceful offer of salvation. 


The Gospel 

is God’s good news of salvation and the heart of the Adventist message. Through Jesus’ death, humans may return to love and trust in God and accept His free gift -- eternal life. 



is the work of Christ, who as Creator of the universe, formed the world in seven days, created the first man and woman, and commemorated His creative work with an eternal sign ---the Sabbath day of rest. 


The Sabbath 

is the seventh day, given to remind all of God as Creator, Savior and one worthy of worship and honor. Jesus’ life example on the earth and His proclaimed command is for everyone to remember His Sabbath. 


The Second Advent 

is prophesied and promised by Jesus Christ Himself to happen soon.  “Soon” is a deliberately relative term, for Christ also said no one will know the day or hour, not even Himself. Only God knows.  We must always be ready, for it could be as soon as the time we least expect. 


Life after death 

is promised to all who trust God. It happens at the time Jesus returns in His second advent. to earth. In the meantime, all who die “sleep” without knowledge or thought, waiting on that glorious future with no more death. 

Baptism and commitment

is essential for those who accept God’s way for their lives.  Baptism announces for all to witness that person had died to their old self (immersed in water) and has been reborn as a new person, as Christ Himself demonstrated.  THe new life thrives through a continual commitment to God and acceptance of all that He commands. 


Communication of Hope 

is a vital aspect of faith, sharing the good news that God brings us a quality of life, a large family of believers, and membership in the body of Christ, in whom we all become complete. 

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