I have read often and in awe the inspired statement that says, "God can do some things if we pray that He cannot do if we don't pray." I am still a bit baffled by it, though I believe it. Let me tell you a short story and then you tell me if you think it might validate...

June 23, 2016

“When ministry becomes performance, then the sanctuary becomes a theater, the congregation becomes an audience, worship becomes entertainment, and man’s applause and approval become the measure of success. But when ministry is for the glory of God, His presence moves i...

June 14, 2016


A while back Ruthie and I were visiting in a Sabbath School and the subject of tattoos came up. I’m not sure why, but in many classes, if a teacher permits, the discussion can take any detour a class member chooses. Y...

June 11, 2016


  1. To be able to stick with a job until it’s finished

  2. To do One’s duty without being supervised

  3. To be able to carry money without spending it, and

  4. To be able to bear an injustice without wanting to get even.


June 3, 2016

“We have nothing to recommend us to God; but the plea that we may urge now and ever is our utterly helpless condition that makes His redeeming power a necessity.”  DA, 317


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