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"Aloha! My name is Jean Clouzet, and I have the privilege of pastoring the Waimānalo  Seventh-day Adventist church. I was born in Argentina, and I enjoy getting to know people of all backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. I love sharing all types of food and languages with them, and I enjoy participating in all types of group sports and physical activity.

I have a passion for growing young communities of faith, and I hope you might become part of ours here at Waimānalo! I enjoy helping to lead people to Jesus and, with God’s help, leading those that are willing into genuine mutual and active discipleship that follows our master and rabbi Jesus Christ.
I am very excited to call the Waimānalo Seventh-day Adventist church a part of my ‘ohana, and we hope that it will become part of yours.

Ministry would not be possible without the love of my life, my partner and wife, Tammy. I love being a parent by her side while playing, teaching, and spending time seeing the world through the lenses of my children Julién and Kaye.

I am an ordained minister and have undergraduate and graduate degrees in theology from Andrews University that I pray will all be used by Jesus to serve our community in and around Waimānalo."

Church Elders

We, your Elders, have been selected to help carry the burdens of the Waimanalo 'Ohana and most of all to lead each other into a closer relationship with our God.


This is our desire, we want to encourage you to do what it says in


2 Peter 3:18:


 "But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be glory both now and forever. Amen." 




Dolores Tabura, fondly called Auntie Dolly is leads out with the coordination and management of the church treasury and the financial day-to-day.  



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Raul and Ruby Hayasaka jointly take care of our church administration by answering the phone, emails and creating the weekly program bulletin.


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