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Meals for Waimanalo!


This Friday God walked with us once again! 100 meals were distributed in our community once again!

We were again able to supplement our meals with locally grown fruit. We continue to be blessed this way and are very glad to be able to supplement healthy options with our meals.

A special thank you to all the beautiful hearts, hands and feet from our Waimanalo SDA 'ohana that make this possible every week.

A special thank you to the other members of the community that continue to diligently prepare and share this amazing ministry to our needy kupunas and houseless folks. 


If you can help with preparing or delivering meals for some of our members who are confined to their homes on other days of the week please do not hesitate to contact Sharon Kamalii, Michele Seibel, or Pr. Jean. If you are in the high risk category, it’s safer at home. We can arrange it so that help can be staggered so the kitchen does not get overcrowded. 

At the moment we could really use individually package drinks or water bottles right now! Please let us know when you can drop them off at the church!

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