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Eight Keys to Healthy

Pure Air





Proper Diet


Trust in Divine Power

The use of natural remedies requires care and effort. The gradual progression to healing and health involves patience and a commitment to the natural laws of health.

These eight keys to healthy living is found in the book Ministry of Healing, written in 1905 by Ellen G. White, a woman of remarkable spiritual gifts, and they are still applicable today.

Because we live in Hawai’i, the first two tips are easily accomplished— we are blessed with an abundance of sunlight and fresh air! Abstemiousness, or moderation, can sound restrictive but when we embrace the natural principles of being moderate in food, drink, and even exercise, our efforts will pay off in very positive results.

The next five keys are well proven by published scientific research. In order to live a healthy life in mind, body and spirit, we need adequate rest/sleep, daily exercise, proper nutrition/diet, lots of water, and trust in divine power.

Be inspired and learn more by taking the time to read Ellen G. White’s Ministry of Healing. She is the most translated woman writer in the entire history of literature, and the most translated American author of either gender, and wrote on a broad range of topics, including health.

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